More and more the Montesilvano Futsal Cup compares clubs of different cultures and traditions, promoting knowledge and the exchange of ideas.
The Montesilvano Futsal Cup ends, the most beautiful edition ever.
The key element of this edition is the growing number of companies from all over the world; Australia and Colombia are the two novelties of this edition.
A week of great futsal; the result for each category has never been so uncertain; the technical rate of the teams made it impossible to predict, making the competition even more fascinating.
Below is the summary of this seventh edition of the Montesilvano Futsal Cup:

UNDER 09 and UNDER 11

Among the categories of the youngest, Under 09 and Under 11, the Breton clubs of England and Scotland are still confirmed; the Under 11 confirms the primacy of Olè Futsal; an excellent quality roaster, whose members of the squad boast a pre-emption with the best English football clubs. But there is a confirmation, which is not a surprise, that of the football school of the Naiadi Accademia Sport; the Pescara team has already won in the past, proving to be a reality to look at in the growth and training of young talents.


Final 1/2 place – Friday 30 june 2019 – HH 10:00 – Palaroma of Montesilvano

Naiadi Accademia Sp. – Olè Futsal Academy – 3 – 0


Final 1/2 place – Friday 30 june 2019 – HH 11:00 – Palaroma of Montesilvano

Joga Futsal – Olè Futsal Academy t1 – 0 – 6

UNDER 13 and UNDER 15

The tournament with the highest number of participants continues to be that of the Under 13 category; like last year, also in this edition the organization has limited the requests by setting the limit to 20 teams, as had already happened last year. Many pretenders to the title. We talk about the talented Japanese of Brinkar; club that hands down the tradition of Brazilian football, exercising Ginga; a basic technique of capoeira, which in football translates into the exercise of dribbling, header, fast pressing, aggressive dribbling, spectacular shooting. With them the English of Olè Futsal, considered by all to be one of the most important and successful futsal clubs in the world. The very strong selection of Sporting Club Marconi wins surprisingly, deserving, after having played a perfect final against the English of Olè Futsal.

In the category of agonists, the surprising victory of the F6 Academy in the Under 15 tournament stands out; coach Fernandao’s team beats the Italian selection led by coach Ronconi’s technical staff; a splendid game, played at a dizzying pace. A quote for Napoli Calcetto and for Aramis, two valid contenders, who obtained a prestigious place in the final classification, narrowly missing the right of access to the final.


Final 1/2 place – Friday 30 june 2019 – HH 18:00 – Palaroma of Montesilvano

Sporting Club Marconi t1 – Olè Futsal Academy – 6 – 1


Final 1/2 place – Friday 30 june 2019 – HH 15:00 – Palaroma of Montesilvano

Divisione Calcio a 5 – F6 Academy – 1 – 2

UNDER 17 and UNDER 17 female

A special note for Cioli Ariccia Valmontone, who in her first appearance at the Montesilvano Futsal Cup, won the Under 17 tournament, beating the very strong Ukrainian selection in the final. For mister Rosinha and company a prestigious victory, achieved with pride, tenacity and fighting spirit, distinctive elements that distinguish her boys.

The most important news comes on the women’s futsal front. Finally a group of 8 teams, with participation coming from all over the world: Australia, Hungary, Ukraine, Colombia, Finland, to which is added the Italian women’s selection. The tournament was won by the very strong Ukrainian selection; while appreciating the qualities of the suitors, the Ukrainian selection is impressive; organization and physical power, the main characteristics of this team.


Final 1/2 place – Friday 30 june 2019 – HH 17:00 – Palaroma of Montesilvano

United Futsal Team FAU – Cioli Ariccia Valmontone – 1 – 3

UNDER 17 female

Final 1/2 place – Friday 30 june 2019 – HH 16:00 – Palaroma of Montesilvano

United Futsal Team FAU  – Kampksen Dynamo – 4 – 0

UNDER 19 and Individual Award

We close with the Under 19 category. The Colombian team of Liguilla Futsal Oriente beats the very strong team of Inter Movistar. Never as in this edition has the result been more uncertain; we reward the winner, but let’s not forget the other contenders such as Top Futsal Antwerpen and Acqua & Sapone.


Final 1/2 place – Friday 30 june 2019 – HH 12:00 – Palaroma of Montesilvano

Liguilla Futsal Oriente – InterMovistar – 3 – 2

We conclude with the two most prestigious awards:

“MARCO GIORDANO” (COACH OF THE FENICE) award for the most talented player of the tournament

Erin Beard (AFA Australia team2)

“SIMONE MARTYNIAK” Award (MARCONI AND LAZIO C5 FOOTBALL PLAYER) for the most talented player of the tournament

Francesco Caramia (Sporting Club Marconi)

Football is not the only positive note of this week of sport. A strong friendship was formed with the Australian group; a kind and refined people. The Colombians are nice and colorful, lively and deeply respectful.
We thank everyone for accompanying us on this long week of sport, in the hope that we have done everything possible to make this journey unforgettable for everyone.
The wish is to see you again next year, on the occasion of the 8th edition of the Montesilvano Futsal Cup.

Thank you