Protagonists of the 9th edition: Italy / Spain; new: Lithuania's presence at the MFC for the first time

Queen of the 9th Edition of the MFC is Palma Futsal, followed by CFS Eixample; the two clubs reach 4 category finals out of the 7 available, winning 3. To Orange Futsal the merit of countering the strength of the Spanish teams and winning the Under 17 category. A pleasant return of Marca Futsal, winner the U9 category. To the two teams from Abruzzo the two victors in the adult category.

An edition conditioned by external events, complicated by the the resurgence of the pandemic, finished brilliantly thanks to the effort and constant commitment of the entire organization.

Despite the great difficulties of the case, the tournament confirmed the expectations of the eve, thanks to the value of the individual teams and the individual qualities of the players.

Many positive notes: adhesions are growing; 6 nations, 32 clubs, 54 teams, about 500 registered athletes, more than 1,000 people present, including technical staff and guests in tow.

A 5 days of sport with a constant commitment with 8 hours of futsal played per day, in the four arenas chosen for the management of the 9th edition of the MFC.

Spain confirms itself as sovereign of this edition: Palma Futsal is the winner of the Under 11 and Under 13 categories; still in the Under 13 category, the Spanish club places its two teams in the final. In the Under 15 competitive categories, Palma is confirmed again by reaching the final, losing against his fellow countrymen of CFS Eixample after an exciting match.

Even more exciting is the Under 17 final between CFS Eixample and Orange Asti Futsal; wins the Italian team of Asti, outstripping the Spaniards.

There is the welcome return of the Marca Futsal, which with its Under 09, wins the category tournament, without losing a match, scoring the beauty of 40 goals in 4 games.

In the Under 19 category, male and female, teams of Abruzzo assert themselves, in particular the selection wanted and organized by the Abruzzo Regional Committee; a competitive team capable of responding to the Hungarian team of Tolna Musz Futsal. A praise also to the boys of the City of Chieti, winner of the Under 19 tournament.

A note of merit for the two French teams of Futsal Academy Antwerpen and Futsal Les Geants; both clash against the Spanish teams, the only real impediment to the very finals of the category.
We thank the two Lithuanian clubs of the Vilnius Futsal School and BC Zalgiris for their first participation in the Montesilvano Futsal Cup; for both a positive performance with an excellent ranking.

There is enthusiasm and the ninth edition of the MFC collects the interest of clubs from the European continent

A few days from the start, the ninth edition of the Montesilvano Futsal Cup is colored with flags; in addition to the home colors, the flags of Spain, Belgium, France and Hungary are also waving to the sky, plus Lithuania with two clubs for the first time ever.

We struggle to defeat the pandemic and we do it, also by restoring confidence in all environments, including sports. The Montesilvano Futsal Cup is a sporting event, with the aim of overcoming our territorial borders, to encourage integration, knowledge and sporting and cultural growth between different countries. Today the commitment is to re-establish old habits and restore confidence in the whole environment, instilling a spirit of optimism, especially among the very young athletes, who have suffered from the restrictions imposed starting from social distancing.

The Montesilvano Futsal Cup maintains its tradition unchanged, managing to organize the tournament again this year, proving to be an important event for all of the world youth futsal.

Many well-known names, like many loyal companies, which every year try to reconfirm their presence, despite the difficulties generated, not only by the pandemic, but also by the very strong increase in prices on services.

In this scenario, there is the extraordinary news for the participation of clubs from Lithuania, we talk about the Vilnus Futsal School, from the city of Vilnus and BC Zalgiris from the city of Kaunas. We are honored to welcome these two new realities that for the first time will compete in this competition.

There is the expected return of Palma Futsal, important name in this sport, even if on the Italian front we register the presence of one of the top-flight clubs, Real San Giuseppe, awaiting another confirmation shortly. illustrious of our championship.

Less than a month after the start of the tournament, the board of the participating clubs is slowly being completed; we are close to 30 companies with about 60 teams ready to give life to the new edition of 2022.

We return to talk about futsal quality, class, entertainment and mostly  guaranteed fun.