General info

City: Pescara, Abruzzo, Italy

Address: Via S. Marco, 15

Inauguration: 1992

Structure: indoor arena

Playground: cement

Capacity: sets 2.500



  • Car parking outside the building

Medical Center

  • Medical Center


  • Changing rooms with showers


  • Closed and managed space

The Palasport Giovanni Paolo II is one of the most sumptuous indoor sports facilities. The facade of the building is a modern concrete structure, supported by a large protected parking lot. Inside, the stadium is surrounded by 4 stands that surround the pitch. To the spectators present it offers a totally immersive vision of the game.
The pitch is made of concrete, perfectly flat, which is easily covered for major events, favoring the installation of any type of flooring.
The facility is equipped with all services: changing rooms and toilets, infirmary room and warehouses for storing sports equipment.
It hosts sporting events of great importance, especially in the Italian panorama. It is the background of many final eight of the Italian futsal championship and cups.


The Palasport, Giovanni Paolo II, is located in the city of Pescara. It was built thanks to the tender for the award for the implementation and management of the plant, which came to an end after a very long history. In the 167 area of ​​Pescara the works had begun in 1992, when the then minister Vito Lattanzio moved to lay the first stone. From that moment on, the factory had to endure innumerable vicissitudes. The turning point was only in 2002, thanks to a loan of about three hundred thousand euros from Credito Sportivo. But the problems weren’t over. And so, despite the inauguration of the complete work in the spring of 2005, we still had to wait. The past fifteen years had already made the structural works old; above all, the safety regulations were no longer guaranteed, given the new law decrees that had brought important innovations and changes. So only after having readjusted the system was it possible to proceed with the management of the system, which today is fully functional and is one of the most beautiful systems in Italy.

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