General info

City: Silvi Marina – Teramo – Abruzzo – Italy

Address: Viale Po N° 3, località Piomba

Structure: Indoor Arena

Playground: parquet

Capability: Seats 400



  • Unattended car park


  • Changing rooms with showers


  • Closed and managed space

The Palapiomba of Silvi Marina is a minimal, efficient structure, designed to optimize space and guarantee the best possible view to the spectators present. The grandstand above the pitch eliminates any viewing obstacle, offering a perspective that makes the game experience exciting, being able to closely observe the tactics, movements and strategy of the two teams.
The structure is modern, bright, able to accommodate up to 400 seated spectators; the pitch is in parquet. The parquet material requires the use of indoor game shoes, for optimal performance quality. It’s not forbidden the use of outdoor game shoes.
Thanks to the 2009 Pescara Mediterranean Games, the area of ​​the municipal sports hall of Silvi Marina, the so-called “Palapiomba”, has been transformed into a multisports center. This is what a newspaper article dated March 16, 2004 said.
“The planned works will be financed through funds destined for the municipalities of the Pescara area participating in the Mediterranean Games. Silvi Marina will make the sports hall in the Piomba area available to the event, just eight kilometers from Pescara center. For this reason, the Di Febo council has decided to redevelop and equip the entire area around the sports facility. ”
On that occasion, the municipality took charge of carrying out part of the work by building a parking lot, leaving out the implementation of multipurpose sports fields for soccer, tennis and volleyball.
Currently the Palazzetto is used for futsal, basketball and volleyball, hosting the local Silvi teams.
The Palapiomba of Silvi Marina is used for futsal, basketball and volleyball, hosting the local Silvi teams.

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